story1-3: “Monster House”

“Rigal’s Den” was a dungeon for beginners.

There are many dungeons around the world, but this one apparently is the one everyone starts in.

There are a bunch of reasons for this; first of all the monsters that come out have low levels.

Second, the special monsters here, Rigals, give a lot of experience.

The vanguard already started to fight.

“Spirits of the wind, blow everything away! Wind!”

The winds blew by a female student’s magic, and stopped three of the Rigals’ advance.

A Rigal is a monster that looks like a scorpion that’s five times the size.

Its body is protected by a tough carapace, so physical attacks are ineffective.

However, it’s weak to Fire-attribute magic.

Evern the weakest Fire-attribute magic, Fireball, is able to defeat it.

Even though I can’t even use that yet.

“Spirits of the flame, burn everything! Fireball!”

Samejima shot three Fireballs at the Rigals.

The monsters met an agonizing death in a blaze and disappeared into dust.

“I did it! I got to level 17!”

The female student who held back the Rigals with the Wind spell raised her arms in a triumphant pose.

That’s awesome. It could’ve been from being in the front lines for all this time.

By the way, I beat two big ant-looking demons and got to level 2.

For someone who can’t use magic, they were tough foes.

I got hit a bunch of times, so I was ordered by Phage to be sent to the back, as he said I was a “nuisance”.

I had little Stamina left.

I wish someone gave me some healing magic.

“I see, congrats. Good assist, Satou.”

Samejima praised Satou. This guy, even though he has that personality, is popular with the girls.

“Is that so~ Ehehe, thanks!”

The female student known as Satou had her cheeks turn red in delight.

“Ah, don’t be screwing around, guys. Don’t let your guard down.”

Breaking the sweet mood, Phage warned them.

“I know. So, Phage, there’s a flight of stairs there… Should we head down?”

While making a smile that he always fakes, Samejima points to the stairs at the far end.

The moment he listened to the suggestion, Phage suddenly looked sour.

“No can do. Beyond that is unmapped, unknown territory.”

The mapped area in Rigal’s Den for beginners is comparatively smaller than other dungeons.

After heading down 50 floors, it would be no problem to go to the next dungeon.

The country purposely thought out the places that aren’t too dangerous, so the current mapping was up to 50 floors only.

Knowing from the flow, we reached the 50th floor.

“Don’t worry we have this much people. Besides, our current power should be in the safe margin.”

“But, there are “what if’s” in this world. What will you do if there was a monster you couldn’t beat?”

“There aren’t. Isn’t this a dungeon for beginners? The monsters below could’ve come up to this floor.

However, there haven’t been any stronger monsters in the 50 floors we’ve been through, right?”

“That’s true, but…”

“It also got harder to level up, right? It’s fine, isn’t it? It’s to reduce the number of days under the suppression of the demon lord.”

Samejima, pressing for an answer.

What he said was all truth. There was logic in it.

It’s almost certain that the chance of him dying upon stepping into the 51st floor is pretty much zero.

However, Phage seems to have sensed some sort of danger.

Even asking “from what?”, he probably couldn’t answer. Maybe, it’s the intuition from long experience.

However, Phage was troubled in his answer.

The time spent worrying became fatal.

“It’s fine! Let’s go, Shinji!”


“Yeahm wait up, Kou!”

“Ah, Samejima!”

“Hey, you guys! Dammit!”

That was the green light. People started descending from the 50th floor one by one.


Me, left behind, spacing out.

I have no reason to follow those guys. Even if I went back first I would be treated the same anyway.

I shouldn’t worry about it.



Sakuragi Daichi  Class: Hero  Level 2






Special Abilities: None


I immediately realized that escape was impossible.

“…Yeah, going back would be bad.”

I hurriedly went down the steps.

Dammit, you guys, you disappeared too quickly!”


I–Samejima, arrived to the 51st floor, which nobody has ever stepped into.

Wondering what monsters would pop up, I’m getting excited.

Killing monsters is fun.

The more I kill, the stronger I get. Stronger than anyone else.

If anything doesn’t go my way I won’t be able to live with it.

Right now, I want Claria. There isn’t a woman like her.

Claria may be a god, but if I become a hero and beat the demon lord, she’ll keep her promise and I’ll make her mine.

Perhaps there’s someone who has the same wish as I, but I’ll leave that aside.

To get Claria.

I need “power” for that.

“Samejima! There;s an Ariant in front of you!

“Got it.”

I took the sword that bug that was holding and sliced it.

Cuting it in half vertically, it disappeared after hitting the wall.

“There’s been a lot of monsters attacking alone. I wonder why?”

Satou, who had always been in the front lines, shook her head.

It was true that unlike the previous floors, the monsters that attacked alone increased.

“Shouldn’t we care that they’re all dying in vain by now?”

“…I guess. There’s no loss.”


Looks like Satou agrees.

I could use her. She knows what I find favorable, so if I use that well I could add her into my group.

Satou’s special skill can heal both Stamina and Magic, the “Saint’s Smile”. Being able to heal both statuses, it’s valuable skill.

“Oi, Shinji! Doesn’t this door look suspicious!?”

And then there’s Kou, who can’t really take things in as well as Satou, who stumbled upon a door with a geometric figure written on it.

“This is… It seems to be a magic circle. I haven’t seen.”

Phage, who was tailing behind, came up to the door and examined the magic circle on it.

A magic circle that a veteran soldier hasn’t seen… A new type of magic circle?

“Let’s open it!”

“…Yeah, I guess. Everyone, get prepared for battle.”


As I give out the order, the classmates ready out their weapons.

Looks like Phage doesn’t want to say anything. He pulls out his blade.

I nodded to confirm. Using Kinoshima’s ability, ”Super Strength”, The heavy looking door easily opened.

A heavy sound resonated.

What appeared behind was a broad space with nothing.

“What’s this place…?”

“Looks like there’s nothing…”

Everyone came inside in succession to take a look.

And then, in the middle of the room, something happeend.

A high-pitched shrill echoed in the room. “Boo! Boo!”

When the screech stopped, a bright light shined through the ceiling.

“What’s this light!?”

Everyone looked up together.

The light slowly disappeared, and the ceiling was covered in darkness.

As they gradually dropped down, everyone’s eyes finally recovered to be able to see the figures.

“M-Monsters!! A group of monsters appeared!”

Everyone yelled at the beings.

A large group of Rigals dropped down. It wasn’t like the previous number. At this rate everyone will get eaten.

“Let’s quickly get out of here!”

“It’s no use! We’re surrounded!”


We didn’t know it as we were too preoccupied with the ceiling, but we got surrounded by wolves and Ariants.

It’s just like a trap in a game that I have.

Ah, I’m pretty sure this is what they called it in the game.

“–A Monster House.”

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