story1-2: “Only I Get No Cheats”

It’s been a week since I’ve arrived at the imperial palace.

On the first day, Samejima was discussing the support we would get from the royal palace.

The information I’ve gotten is as follows:

The nation that this palace is in is called Ristonea. In Rostalsia, it’s one of the more developed nations.

The king, Ginger seems to be willing to entirely give support to Samejima and the others without saying anything.

In the palace there are the country’s most prominent masters of swordsmanship, magic and martial arts to train with.

There seems to be a maid that would take care of everything in each of the private rooms.

And, this is the most important part.

I’m not included in that.

For whatever reason, it came down to the skill inspection that happened five days ago.

I can clearly remember what happened in detailed.

First of all, We were gathered in the palace’s largest space. They were confirming our important statuses in battle.

Everyone looked confused and asked “Statuses? What’s that?”, in which Phage Stross, the Ristonea army commander, kindly told us,

If you were to say “Open” in Rostalsia, a window with your statuses would open up.

“Stamina” was self-explanatory. If it reached zero, you wouldn’t die, but instead pass out unable to move.

Passing out in a dungeon was pretty much the same thing as death, so we were warned not to ever have it reach zero.

“Magic” refered to the how much of the resource you spent when using magic.

The less it is you would become comparatively weaker, so we have to be careful of not using it too much.

“Physical” meant your power. In duels, the one with more Physical would win.

“Resistance” refered to how much damage is reduced. The more you’re used to pain the higher it is.

“Wit” dealt with how fast your actions were. The higher it is, the easier it is to dodge attacks.

As I thought it was just like a game, I checked my own status screen.



Katsuragi Daichi  Class: Hero  Level 1






Special Abilities: None


…Huh? It doesn’t really seem too strong…?

Didn’t I get some power from Claria?

…No, maybe, this might actually be in the strong classes.

I mean, my endurance is abnormally high… Probably because I’m familiar with pain.

And just as I expected, that faint hope disappeared.

“That’s amazing, Shinji!”

While breaking character, Phage happily shouted.

The statuses he saw were all high figures.


Samejima Shinji  Class: Hero  Level 1

Stamina: 500

Magic: 430

Physical: 480


Wit: 680

Special Abilities:

“Sacred Guidance”: Increased damage for Light-atrribute magic

“Crisis Sense” 10% increase in Wit while an enemy is attacking


Each of his statuses were five times more than mine.

Even more, he has actually gets special abilities.

I mean, I’m shocked my Endurance was up to par with his. I don’t have any strong points.

The others were also checked one at a time, and everyone else had a special ability.

Their statuses were comparable to Samejima’s. Even the lowest was many times more than mine.

They were all definitely blessed by Claria. The fact Samejima’s was the highest confirms this.

I heard this later but, the common soldier has over 100 for all statuses.

Phage, the most capable soldier, has around 400 for each of his stats.

In any case, my fighting capabilities are even lower than a common soldier.

I could use my Endurance and be a defense-oriented character. However, my Stamina is low so I’d quickly drop.

I’m useless.

Why is it only me?

Is it because I’m weak?

Because I’m disgusting?

It doesn’t add up.

After that, my statuses were of course made public, and I was known as the “Talentless Hero” in the palace.

I was quickly abandoned by King Ginger. The other 29 were surely high-spec heroes, so they stayed.

They couldn’t figure out any strong points about me.

My bed was a horse stable. I was left out of the classes of swordsmanship and magic and was to self-study.

It’s crazy. But, if I was to complain I would probably get kicked out. I wish I would be forgiven.

I was a weakling.

I can’t do anything. I can’t defeat anything. I can’t win anything.

I didn’t want that.

At least out of pity they’re taking me to the dungeon exploration this time, to decide if I would be of any use

Then my life in this world would probably end.

I think anyone would have guessed.

That’s why, for this week I desparately worked hard. More than I did before. 

I reduced my sleeping time to the very limits.

“98… 99… 100!”

I would swing my sword at least a hundred times in three sets per day, and went running.

“Burn, Fire Seed!”

I also practiced magic, to the point where I was able to produce a fire the size of a lighter.

The others were learning more effective and powerful magic. but if I lose any hope it’s over for me.

In retrospect, I want to praise myself for getting this far by myself. Good job, myself.

I was able to deceive myself that way.

I was able to slim down a bit. It was probably the results of having less food and the exercise.

However, my statuses haven’t changed much.

My Physical and Stamina grown a little bit. Apparently just using magic won’t bring up my Magic status.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring up my Magic as I didn’t know the logic of this world.

It’s something to do with my spirit, so if I have fun, will that do?

To test it out, for the entire day I kept smiling. Without thinking negatively, I kept on with the positive thinking.

Bystanders thought it was weird, but I kept going.

My Magic only increased by 1.

I promised myself to never do that ever again.

I tried every other method I could think of to increase the figures by as much as I could.

–And, it finally became that day.

With Phage and six other soldiers, we went to Ristonea’s toughest dungeon, “Rigal’s Den”.

Everyone went into the battle with confidence.

As if they were grade schoolers going on a field trip.

I have no idea why they are able to smile.

Even though I want to go back as soon as possible.

…At least let me be in a position where I can escape first, since I only increased my Endurance by 3.

As I went into the dungeon last, I followed the classmates in front of me.

I probably knew it well at that time;

About the cruel future I was about to fall into.

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